How to Decorate the Romantic Room?

Looking for ways to soothe the soul? A romantic setting does a lot to calm the frenzy of the outside world. Besides, a personal retreat may be just what you need to jumpstart the lovelife again.
Sometimes there is more to the romantic look than lace and frilly frou-frous. It is, in a sense, a way for you to make your personal fantasies come true. Whether you fashion your room with a theme such as an Arabian Nights tented boudoir, an attic room or painter’s garret, a cozy cottage room or a grand country estate, there are romance elements that will always be classic.
Romantic-Room-IdeasPay particular attention to flattering colors, details, and comfort. Rely too, on the natural splendor of a setting. Does the view take in the ocean, a pasture, or a garden? In new construction, you can play it up to the hilt with: beautiful window frames in unusual shapes, incorporate multi-paned framing or add diamond insets or special glass in order to frame vistas. In addition, think about adding good bones in the way of architectural elements such as columns, curved moldings and ornamentation.
Use pale, ice cream colors that give a glow to the skin; colors that make people look good. Shades of yellow, peach, and sage have a soft sheen when painted, and, coupled with an old-world finishes such as sponging, strié, or marbling, will add class and heritage to the background—a big plus, the old world look. Fanciful wall mural gardens or trompe l’oeil of idyllic places can transport your romantic mind to anywhere in the world! Tea-stained carpets in Oriental, Persian or Aubusson style will only add to the dramatic, rich setting.
Seductive furniture is a mandatory element in the romantic room. Try a loveseat or a tête-à-tête piece and make an effort to add extra down filling for the seat cushions, arms and pillows. The same for padded headboards, use the extra batting and gentle touches to make it especially sumptuous.
Hand-painted furniture and chinoiserie give case goods an exotic touch. You may even opt to buy pieces fashioned with a touch of the Rococo period—woodcarvings featuring cherubs, shells or flowers. The French Empire style too, reminds us of Napoleon and Josephine who choose this type of furniture with its strong, straight lines juxtaposed against fabulous fabrics decorated with, what else? Bees! Think about using magnificent beds, bolstered seating areas and petite daybeds with fancy iron scrollwork.
Fabric treatments in the romantic room say, “More, more!” Choose silk, satin, and velour or velvets. Play with classical patterns. Think about pleating a ceiling, having fabric walls or draping a bed. Pattern ideas usually boast beautiful toiles, peacock feathers, dragonflies’ wings, and large, bountiful chintzes filled with roses and small bouquets of forget-me-nots.
For windows, think silk stripes, and make sure there are full-length under-curtains to add depth and fullness, and then let them billow on the floor just slightly. They can be topped by cornices, antique rods or plaster fixtures. For a surprise, you may want to add tremendous cascades of flowers over the drapes and pin them up with butterfly-topped nail heads. Whatever treatment you decide on, keep a keen mind’s eye pointed to a layered look and you can’t go wrong.
And finally, pay attention to poetic detail. Think about incorporating the kind of light that changes colors. A simple solution is to use pleasant, pink light bulbs, which cast a complimentary luminescence. Pay particular attention to lampshades and line them with a simple pink fabric. Add trims, crystal and other embellishments that look wonderful on the top and ends of shades. A glowing fire can now be obtained by using a freestanding mantel with zero clearance and firebox that uses clean, gas fuel.
Ornate mirrors, delicate pottery and vases, and still-life paintings add weight and beautiful traditional elements to walls, petite dressers and niches. Add texture with tapestry, corded or thick chenille pillows, and throws. Use gilt to highlight special sconces, candleholders or ornaments. And think about the world of painting, poetry, music and opera when adding special touches. Stack a few small books of poems, frame a sheet of music that looks as if Mozart penned it, and give an antique bust a prominent spot. Romance is flattering, safe and warm, and simply beautiful!