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Prefabricated Homes Cyprus

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Prefabricated Homes Cyprus, Steel Frame Homes – That Could Change Home Building

Need to Build a house?

Affordable Prices, Cool Design, Fast and Easy Delivery. What´s not to like?

When building a house you will definitely come across the option of designing and building traditional house or cost effective modern light weight steel frame home.

Prefabricated Homes Cyprus

Steel framed houses are supported by the Cyprus Design standards and other positive professional industry bodies.

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What is steel frame home building system?

It is a premium quality frame-build system using marine grade, hot dipped galvanized steel as the primary structural material. Steel frame systems have been used worldwide for decades in commercial construction because of their superior attributes. It is a tried and well-proven technology now available to homebuilders as a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods.

According to Steel Alliance studies, these frames last on average 675 years, making them superior to other construction methods and materials.

For example Eiffel Tower was Built in 1889 the tower is still standing and in superb shape

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You can expect to pay less for a Steel frame home, depending on the specifications, because construction is quick and easy, yet precise. You will also get all the long-term advantages associated with Steel frame house technology in terms of reduced on-going maintenance costs.

Just a quick example a traditional home in Cyprus will cost approximately

between 1000 – 1400 euro + VAT + thermo and sound insulation + architectonical plans.

A Steel frame home will cost you approximately 750 – 850 euro + VAT including thermo and sound insulation and also for homes bigger then 100m2 we offer free architectonical plans. Your home will be completely finished with Italian kitchen, Wardrobes & European Sanitary Ware

Ask us for a quotation of building your dream Home according to your designs, taste and lifestyle, or from a portfolio of over 250 existing designs.

Steel construction can be used for building Houses, Cottages and Country Homes, Villas, Roof Extensions and Garages.

The law in Cyprus suggests that all new homes must be insulated. Great our steel frame houses are energy efficient fully insulated and all this is included in the price. No extra cost for You!

Strength and Durability of Steel

Steel frame houses are made from extremely strong and durable light-weight steel. Steel homes provide a structure that withstands the conditions of Cyprus climate. The steel frames will not twist, warp, shrink or expand over the years. With steel homes, you won’t experience sticking windows, wavy roof or jamming doors resulting from the steel frame moving or changing over time.
Flexibility in Design
Choosing steel homes, gives you flexibility in the design of your home that you might not have with other materials. For example, because of the light-weight nature of steel and the strength-to weight ratio you will have more capacity to design longer spans and large, open living areas. Also, you can be creative with the roof-line with steel homes.
Using steel home plans provides the following advantages:

Build to Standards: Steel Frame Home provides home designs suitable for families looking for a high quality, affordable and secure home.

Anti Sesmic:
Steel-framed houses have withstood hurricanes and earthquakes. Steel’s qualities allow it to meet the strictest wind and seismic standards in the building codes.

Fire Proof: These are Fire proof resistance because
Steel is not combustible, so it will not feed a fire.
Resistant to water and insect damage.

Superior Sound and Termal Insulation.

Airthight Walls and Doors.

Moisture Proof:
water doesn’t rot steel.

Insects aren’t interested in steel.

Steel is “true”: Unlike lumber, which is often warped, steel is always straight. Even if the lumber from the lumber yard arrives straight, it can warp in a matter of days due to exposure to the weather. Steel framing eliminates any bows in the walls, or twisted or warped studs. Sheetrocking is much easier when walls are absolutely straight.
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