Looking for the hottest design trend of the new millennium? Contemporary is it! But forget cold chrome and glass—current trends in contemporary styling are softer and more casual, designed to fit into today’s frenetic lifestyles, such as the examples shown here. Click on photos to get a closer look.
contemporary-home-decorThe soft silhouette of a large-scale pattern is in deliberate contrast to the chrome lamp, simply framed photography and restrained furniture in this modern living room. The fresh green wallpaper design, Leaves in the Everglades, is found in Village Contemporary Style collection.contemporary-home-accents
Weathered furniture and white ceramic ware generally typify a country look, but they take on an updated character when used against a mixture of plaid and floral patterns in this dining room. The wallpapers and borders are all from the Village Contemporary Style collection.
contemporary-home-decor-ideasBold primary colored apples combine with a casual denim plaid in this fresh looking contemporary kitchen. Chrome and white painted wood help open up a small space, and the wall shelves maximize storage. Wallpapers and chair rail border are from the California Country Volume 2 collection by Village.
Crisp white and sage tailored linens make this bedroom a perfect place to retreat after a long hard day of hassles. The 18-inch dense floral border adds color and drama to the base of the wall, while the sparsely tossed floral wallpaper serves as a serene counterpoint. Both are from Village’s California Country Volume 2 collection.