What are the Benefits to simulated stone and wood finishes:
Simulated wood and stone can be placed anywhere
Unlike natural stone, simulated stone can be placed on almost any structure. By contrast, natural stone can only be used on structures strong enough to support the weight of real stone. Therefore, amazing stone finishes can be placed on doorways, walls, and even ceilings without having to make modifications to the structure of the building. Simulated stone can be placed in-doors for interior enhancement, or outside on exterior of a building or as an element to landscaping.
simulated stone-simulated woodYour job can be completed in less time
The craftsman of Le Decostone Gardens, have over 15 years of experience creating work that replicates like real stone, but in a fraction of the time it would take a mason. Because of their experience and perfected the techniques, most jobs can be completed in less than a week. Unlike using real stone, you can quickly add to the beauty of your property, without the hassle of enduring weeks and weeks of construction.
When using Le Decostone Gardens, almost anything is possible. The concrete artist can replicate nearly any stone finish to create a warm rustic effect, or a sleek modern design. Because the stone is simulated, you are not limited by cost or availability of natural stone.
Le Decostone Gardens is green construction
Because no actual stone or wood is used, but rather natural concrete aggregate are mixed to form a special structure, the process is environmentally friendly.
More cost effective
Simulated stone finishes are substantially less per square foot than natural stone. When done by an experienced professional at Le Decostone Gardens, it is very difficult to tell the difference between actual stone, and simulated stone. However there is a huge difference in cost.
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