Free-form swimming pools defy convention. They are not defined through a specific shape or angle, but exist in free-form curves and angles. Free-form swimming pools offer a multitude of benefits, ranging from individuality and taste to space considerations.
Benefits of free-form pools
People prefer homes and swimming pools as individual as their personality. Often, the typical swimming pool shapes, circular, square and rectangular, inspire nothing so much as boredom. With free-form designs, people can design a pool to their specifications and tastes to go with their landscaping and home construction. For example, they may opt to take a naturalistic approach to their pool so that it resembles a pond or spring. Free-form pools also tend to work well in small areas and backyards. These designs are constructed around obstructions and limitations.
Free-Form Swimming Pool DesignsDesigning a free-form pool
For homeowners who want to install a free-form pool, they must first look at building codes to determine the required amount of space between the pool and the fence and other considerations. Then they should graph out obstructions in the backyard, such as trees and porches. Lastly, they need to decide what sort of extra features they want for their pool, such as slides, diving boards, water features and railings.
Only imagination limits free-form pool designs. Typically, they include several curves that shape around a yard, allowing for individual expression and need. They also follow a lagoon or naturalistic style, featuring spas, water features, rocks and stone decking, which allows for a useable and beautiful design suited for individual taste and practicality.
Beach Entry Swimming Pool Designs
Do you love the sensation of walking slowly into the ocean as the sandy surface beneath your feet slopes gently downward and the cool water gradually rises? Bring that same sensation to your own backyard with a beach entry swimming pool, also known as a zero-entry pool. An increasingly popular pool choice, beach entry pools are available in a variety of designs. With a little investment of time and money, your backyard can have the look and feel of a beachfront cottage.
Beach entry swimming poolsBeach entry swimming pools
As the name indicates, a beach entry swimming pool features a gently sloping deck that leads into the water and continues to gradually descend, eliminating the need for stairs or ladders. In addition to the beauty this type of pool adds to your yard, it is also safer for your small children and any of your family members who are elderly or physically disabled. The pools create an attractive beach-entry effect through the use of different decking types, tiles, pavers and other materials. With a bit of imagination, your design options are nearly limitless.
Design options
Many beach entry pools feature unique shapes that mimic the ocean’s coves, inlets and lagoons. Large rocks and tropical foliage strategically placed around the edges of the pool enhance this natural appearance. Waterfalls, spillways and fountains add aesthetic appeal, as well as a bit of fun for your little ones. Depending on the size of your pool, a center island or bar is an attractive entertaining feature. Other design options include an attached hot tub, swim-under grotto and decorative lighting.
Bringing the oceanside to your backyard is easier than you might expect. Invest in your own comfort, and enjoy relaxing by your beautiful beach entry swimming pool.