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From Astro Turf to Artificial Grass

Author: Michael Atma

Copyright (c) 2009 Michael Atma
You may be familiar with astro turf and how it began as a surface for playgrounds and tennis courts. Now, there’s hundreds of applications and dozens of new variety’s that offer a range of benefits to home owners and public places alike.
Astro turf has progressed a great deal over the past 49 years and has evolved to suit a variety of needs that includes way more options now that just sporting applications.
Constant improvements by the manufacturers addressed issues such as the abrasiveness of the surface and puddles on areas of the turf caused by poor drainage.
As a result of this continual improvement effort, modern synthetic turf looks, feels and behaves just like natural grass, but now has a range of applications that the original manufacturers would not have even thought of in 1960.
21st Century uses for synthetic turf
· Sports surfaces – tennis, bowls, hockey, netball, tennis, futsal, basketball, long jump and triple jump run-ups, handball courts, putting greens and more.
· Domestic applications – lawns, pool surrounds, entertainment areas, patios and pergola areas.
· Commercial property such as hotels, resorts, low rise office buildings.
· As a temporary installation for a special event i.e. garden wedding.
Traditional grassed surfaces are very difficult to maintain in our harsh environment as any cricket tragic will tell you. At about day three in a test match it was quite obvious how much damage had been done to the lawn grass by the bowlers.A grassed tennis court is just as difficult to keep in peak condition through a long and scorching summer. Enter Astro Turf:
Qualities of latest generation synthetic turf
· Underfoot comfort – soft and lush
· Low maintenance – doesn’t need watering or mowing
· Pest resistant – no need to use pesticides
· Natural look, feel and color – also UV colorfast
· Choice of in-fill materials to suit the specific application
· Resists stains and discolorations
· Drains quickly after rain
The synthetic turf being manufactured in 2009 is a world away from the original. The attention to quality in texture, variety of application, options for installation and ease of maintenance makes it the perfect surface for a time-poor, thirsty world.
Up until now, the choice between traditional grass as opposed to synthetic turf was a 50/50 proposition which often depended, not so much on the availability of water, but a range of other issues such as awkward sized plots, maintenance issues, or excessive wear in high traffic areas. The popularity of AstroTurf has been proved over a 50 year time span, and its uses and fans, continue to increase.
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Article Source: Astro Turf to Artificial Grass

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