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Synthetic Grass Maintenance

By Sam G. Walton

All artificial grass and synthetic turf products are high in demand in today’s market for several reasons. It is an investment that pays for itself in the long run, saving money on water and energy bills. This is because synthetic grass is engineered for effortless upkeep. Maintaining any artificial grass lawn is simple and requires minimal money, time, and energy. Nowadays, when society is busier than ever, maintaining a lawn should be the least of our worries.

Whether maintaining a backyard putting green or a larger commercial landscaped area, artificial turf is much easier to tend to than a regular lawn. An hour of watering a regular lawn is equal to about 220 gallons of water. During a time in which water conservation has become a social responsibility, we can all do our part by completely relinquishing our dependence on water for our own lawns. With a synthetic grass lawn, absolutely no watering is needed, eliminating time and water spent just to keep natural grass alive.

Synthetic grass products are also built with an internal draining system. Should rainfall, pet urine, or other liquids come into contact with the turf, it will pose no threat to its composition. A water permeable backing allows for liquids to filter through the surface without building up. This allows for both vertical and horizontal drainage. This drainage system prevents any bacterial spores from growing within the turf. Thus, the turf products are able to drain themselves to prevent any buildup.

Concerning basic maintenance of artificial grass, main priorities are to keep the surface clean from debris, leaves, and other objects that can get stuck in the blades. Keeping artificial turf clean from debris helps to ensure its realistic and healthy appearance. Rainfall is a natural helper to clean airborne debris and small particles from the turf. Simple hosing down of turf also helps in areas where rain is limited. Maintaining the aesthetics of artificial grass is very simple. A hard bristled brush can be used to brush turf blades in different directions to maintain its upright position. If brushed too much in one direction, the blades will learn towards that direction. Brushing turf prevents matting and clumped areas, making artificial grass look more natural.

Compounds and liquids such as oil, grease, and acidic solutions should not come into contact with artificial turf. These liquids can damage the tint and color of artificial grass, thus making it less green or discoloring areas that have come into contact with these solutions. Synthetic grass is also engineered to have a stain resistant surface. Should staining occur, however, simple household cleaners, such as soap and water, can work well in washing away stains. Another important factor to note when taking care of your artificial grass yard is to refrain from parking vehicles or large automobiles on your lawn, which could damage the surface. Hot exhaust should never come into contact with synthetic turf yards. Overall maintenance for synthetic grass lawns is minimal, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free living. Artificial turf lawns are the ultimate low maintenance alternative to a natural lawn.

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