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Evergreen Turf for Landscaping and Garden Design.

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EverGreen Lawn for Garden Design or Sport in Cyprus. Brows our website to find great prices for the top Quality Evergreen Lawn available on the market.

Our Turf is the ideal solution for muddy turfs, garden lawn, swimming pools, safety flooring, public spaces, corporate events, school playground flooring, dog runs, green roof gardens, patios, balconies, television sets, decking, garden centre’s, and many other types of display and leisure areas.

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Products and Prices

All artificial grass surfaces are U.V. stabilized and most are available in 2 or 4 meter wide rolls.

The Many Advantages of the Synthetic Lawn:

– Our quality turf has Realistic look and feel of natural grass.

– Synthetic turf Stays green and beautiful all year long.

– Fake Lawn is Maintenance Free.

– No watering, No mowing.

– No edging.

– No broken sprinklers.

– No fertilizers.

– Fake Lawn doesn´t need any chemicals or pesticides.

– No disease or allergies.

– with your Evergreen Turf you will have less insects and bugs.

– with Fake Lawns there are No grass stains on kids clothing

– Safe for children, 100 percent lead-free

– Synthetic lawn is even Pet friendly! No muddy animal paws

– Our turf is Functional after heavy rains or heat of summer

– No guests tracking mud/grass into the house

Even More – Do you know that Fake Turf will

save water and bills?

Average household will save (151, 400) liters of water per year, so Fake grass Pays for itself

Save between 50 and 70 per cent of your water bill

Save on maintenance & grass expenses (sprinkler repair and adjustments, fertilizers and chemicals, re-seeding or sod)

Save on weekly gardening expenses (or your time)

Synthetic Turf is Easy to install

Environmentalists, municipalities and neighbors love it

Curb appeal /increased property value

Excellent choice for rental properties


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