Above-ground swimming pool designs offer you several advantages over an in-ground pool, including lower cost, disassembly options and transportability. Basic shapes usually are limited to rounds or ovals, though some creative designs offer you an occasional variation from the standard. Decking connections can offer creative ways for you to link the pool area to the exterior of you home. Innovative designs can incorporate existing structures that complement an above-ground swimming pool in a pleasing and aesthetic style.
Decking connections
Your selection of a wood decking material can make all the difference in transforming your pool area into an integral part of your home. You can let your imagination serve to generate creative ideas for an elevated deck or one that has several levels. A space for a hot tub can make the Above-Ground Swimming Pool Designspool area enjoyable for different family members to use. A nicely constructed deck is serviceable, attractive and inviting, and it adds to the overall appearance of a well-designed back yard.
Safety considerations
Fences can offer a level of safety for your pool that prevents accidents from occurring. An above-ground pool is the center of activity in the summer months, and it provides fun for the whole family. The importance of making it safe is your primary consideration, and making it pretty is secondary. You can accomplish both with a variety of fence designs that complement the pool area. Some fences enclose only the pool, and others include a larger area of a deck or surrounding decorative items such as boulders or large plants.
Your above-ground swimming pool design can incorporate a wood deck, a fence and an optional hot tub to make it inviting as well as safe. Your pool can serve as an extension of your home, when you select a design that matches your existing architecture.