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Steel Frame Homes Cyprus – Prefabricated Homes FAQ

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Will my Steel Frame Home look like a conventionally built home?

Yes. Your Steel Frame Home can be built in any style – from traditional to contemporary – once the frame is complete it can be finished in any of the usual exterior finishes.

Will the interior of my new Steel Frame Home be the same as a traditionally built home?

It will be better – because the construction method ensures dimensional stability and accuracy. This means that walls have
90-degree corners, are straight and true with no ripples and bumps, and will remain that way. Even hanging your pictures will be easy and secure.

What is the steel construction building system?

It is a premium quality frame-build system using marine grade, hot dipped galvanised steel as the primary structural material. Steel frame systems have been used worldwide for decades in commercial construction because of their superior attributes. It is a tried and well-proven technology now available to homebuilders as a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods.

According to Steel Alliance studies, these frames last on average 675 Will a prefabricated home cost more than a traditionally built home?

No! You can expect to pay less for a prefabricated home, depending on the specifications, because construction is quick and easy, yet precise. You will also get all the long-term advantages associated with steel construction technology in terms of reduced on-going maintenance costs.

Does using this system shorten build-time?

Yes. steel frame homes can be completed in weeks, rather than months or years. The strength and durability of the frame and the
dimensional accuracy of the final structure allow for more efficient erection. A weatherproof shell can be constructed in just a few days, allowing finishing work to be quickly completed in a dry environment.

Is there a risk if lightning strikes my steel frame home?

The chance of your steel frame prefabricated home being hit by lightning is the same as a conventional home. Should it happen the lightning, this would be safely conducted and dispersed to the ground, as all steel frames are earthed to the ground years, making them superior to other construction method and materials.

How energy efficient will my prefabricated home home be?

Very!!! Your whole home (floor, roof and walls) will be built using innovative technology and materials with maximum insulation properties – this will ensure the utmost in savings when it comes to heating and cooling costs. As much as 30% can be the net savings.

What impact will my steel framed prefabricated home have on the environment?

Minimal. steel framed prefabricated homes use recycled materials and materials produced using low-energy production methods. Production and construction waste is insignificant, and steel framed prefabricated homes are extremely energy efficient, thereby considerably reducing their carbon footprint. Additional ‘green’ and energy saving features are available and can be easily incorporated into your steel framed prefabricated home making it totally energy-zero or even energy-positive.

How safe is my steel framed prefabricated house in the event of an earthquake?

Very! steel framed prefabricated homes houses fully conform to Eurocode specifications, covering structures in areas of seismic activity. Also, the inherent strength of the construction and the materials used make this type of house resistant to fire and very strong winds – helping to keep your family safe.

How much design flexibility do I have?

Plenty. The versatility of the construction method permits almost limitless creativity. Architects and builders can create outstanding home designs to suit individual demands or adapt standard designs to suit a specific homebuyer’s tastes.

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