What is Water Softener and How Does it Work

Water Softeners – Water Softening
Timer-based water softeners are pre-set for when and what time the water softener should regenerate (or cycle). These units are fully automatic and perfect for very predictable conditions of water usage. Sometimes they are preferable in conditions of excess iron and other water contaminants.
water-softenerMeter-based water softeners operate (or regenerate) based on the amount of water used since the last time the unit regenerated. Meter-based systems have an advantage over timer-based systems, because it counts gallons of water used, and regenerates on the basis of “need” rather than “day and time”. This saves water and regeneration salt, and assures that you always have the quality of water you need and expect.
Water Softener Regeneration
Microprocessor controlled water softener regeneration offer several advantages over the other softener controls. With “solid-state” computer type controls, you have fewer moving parts, fewer things to go wrong. You also have better control, diagnostics and data. Water World Warehouse systems even show you the amount of “reserve” you have left until the next regeneration. When you leave on a trip and are not using water, your water softener will not regenerate. However, we usually set it for 7 or 15 day “override” to regenerate to prevent the water from becoming stagnated.
When you bathe or shower in hard, untreated water, the inorganic water hardness minerals combine with your soap to create a layer of “soap scum” or “curd” that coats your skin and pores. This often dries your skin and scalp, causing “itching”, rashes, and rough, dry skin. In addition to your having to use much more soap, shampoo and conditioners, you often have to use lotions or body oils to counteract the dry skin condition your hard water has given you.
When you bathe in soft, treated water, the hard minerals are absent from your skin and pores, and you can actually feel the natural softness of your own skin, while using only one-third or one-quarter the normal amount of soap and shampoos. Conditioners are often not necessary, nor are lotions, body oils, nor special skin or hair treatments. Some people have concerns about “slippery” conditions, or “can’t get the soap off”. In reality, the soap is off when you don’t see the suds. The “soap scum” or “curd” that used to coat your skin and pores never forms and your skin is really clean, less apt to itch or require so much “extra care”. As you realize how much better your skin feels, how much softer and smoother your hair is, you will get used to it and appreciate it. Most people exclaim that they can never go back to “hard water”.
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