Water Purification Systems for Every Budget!

If you are considering a drinking water filtration system for your organization, whether to replace bottled water or an existing filtration system, keep in mind that the system’s effectiveness depends on its design. There are a number of water treatment technologies and each has unique strengths. The highest quality systems incorporate or combine several water technologies or stages.

Our systems range from 3 to 5 stages (more if the incoming water requires it). Whether 3, 4 or 5 stages each of our systems remove organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as potentially harmful micro-ogranisms.

The 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System ensures great tasting, high quality water, removing sediment, chlorine, radon and organic  contaminants including volative organic chemicals (VOC’s)

water-filter-testThe 4 State Reverse Osmosis System adds nano-ceramic filtration technology, which absorbs particulate contaminants down to .03 microns (0.000001 inches)

The 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System incorporates reverse osmosis membrane technology, which is especially effective when there is a high level of dissolved solids

Multi-stage Reverse Osmosis systems are built to the highest standards to provide the safest drinking water available.

Water dispensers are available with ozone sterilization providing additional protection are the point of use again microbial contamination

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Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Whether a centralized water filtration system or water dispensers with built-in filters (decentralized) is proposed depends on your facilities size and layout. In some instances, both approaches are utilized within the same facility to provide the most efficient, cost effective solution.

Centralized Water Filtration System

Centralized Systems are often utilized in large facilities with many water coolers or in areas where the water quality must be uniform.

Compact high tech filter system is installed in a convenient location in building, separate from coolers

Tubing is then installed by Crystal Clear Water System professionals and run from the centralized system to each cooler location throughout the facility

Able to provide purified water to coffee and ice machines, in addition to water dispensers

Water quality is balanced with ease – ability to increase or decrease amounts of filters used in system (no in-cooler space restriction)

Consistent water quality throughout facility due to single filter location

Decentralized Water Filtration System

Decentralized Systems are often used in smaller areas with few coolers.

Filters are placed within each individual bottleless water cooler

Coolers are then hooked up by Crystal Clear Water System professionals to the building water supply and water is purified through each cooler’s internal filtration system

Water filter maintenance is dependent upon individual cooler usage to ensure high quality water in each water dispenser

Cooler placement is relative to the logistics of each facilities water supply


Tel: +357 99621514
E-mail: ledecost@ledecostonegardens.com