Reverse Osmosis Water System

reverse osmosis water systemYou may have heard of reverse osmosis water systems, but have no idea what they are or how they can benefit you as a homeowner. Reverse osmosis is a system that purifies contaminants, which affect the taste, color and odors, from your water. They usually consist of a pre-filter that trap fine suspended materials and a carbon pre-filter that removes chlorine and other contaminants. Reverse osmosis water systems use a low-energy process that reduces mineral contents in your water.

If you are concerned with your home drinking water because of taste or odor problems, you may want to consider a reverse osmosis water system. They come in different sizes that can range from treatment of several gallons up to millions. Reverse osmosis is helpful in removing high levels of mineral content and potentially harmful contaminants and microorganisms.

Reverse osmosis water systems can remove aluminum, arsenic, asbestos, benzene chlorides, chlorine, copper, lead, mercury, radium, radon, silver, sodium and others. They are especially helpful for homeowners that are on a rural or well water system, where the water is extremely hard.

Smaller reverse osmosis water systems can be installed under the kitchen sink. Besides having clean, sparkling drinking water, reverse osmosis water systems can prolong the life of your household appliances such as steam irons, or coffee pots that suffer from hard water buildup caused by mineral deposits.

Some reverse osmosis water systems can be installed for whole house water purification which helps cut down on larger items such as water heater breakdowns, washer and dryer issues, dishwasher spotting and mineral buildup in pipes.

Reverse osmosis water systems require some minimal maintenance, such as periodic changing of filters, and replacement of the reverse osmosis membrane every three to five years, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Reverse osmosis water systems are an eco-friendly way to purify your water, and cut down on health contaminants, minerals and other impurities that may be found in your drinking water. Besides eliminating the need for bottled water, it can prolong the life of appliances and is an easy way to filter out impurities that may give your water a chemical taste or bad odor.

Reverse osmosis water systems are affordable; some systems are only a couple hundred dollars, and well worth the savings in bottled water alone, not to mention the green effect from saving the plastic bottles that end up in a landfill. You can purchase high output, tankless systems that have optional upgrades, such as filtration for your ice maker or storage tanks for backup systems. This is a green, healthy home addition that is good for your family and the environment.

There are several types of reverse osmosis water systems on the market, but they all operate on the same, basic process. This process has been used commercially in making bottled water, and is popular in smaller, rural and remote populations that may be treating well water, river or lake water for drinking purposes. They are now affordable enough every average homeowner can afford to get one.

Reverse Osmosis Advantages

Reverse osmosis is a system of water filtering that involves the use of a semi-permeable membrane. When water is sent through this membrane, the majority of the contaminants present in it won’t flow through. These membranes are capable of filtering not only a wide range of particles but also bacteria, other disease-causing pathogens, and organic compounds. Reverse osmosis systems are generally capable of filtering over 90 percent of water contaminants.

This filtering method is also effective for providing mineral-free water for processes that require it. For example, water processed this way may be used in print shops. This method of water treatment may also be particularly helpful in places that do not have access to water treated through a modern municipal system. In such places, it may be the method of choice for ensuring that water is pathogen free.

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