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Price of Stamped Concrete | Stamped Concrete Cost

The price for the Stamped Concrete installation can vary widely, depending on the raw material prices, labor cost, quantity and complexity of the job.

But in general the cost for basic stamped concrete is as follows:

From 50 – 100 sq.m = 18eur + VAT

From 101 – 500 sq.m = 15eur + VAT

The price may change if you choose more elaborate multi-pattern designs with special effects, such as hand-applied stain accents etc.

What is included in our stamped concrete price?

Preparation and Molding of the area,

Nylon under the stamped concrete (polypropylene),

UV resistant Base Color Hardener (surface colors cement hardener),

UV resistant Release agent (a chemical used to get a slip effect in processes involving mold release and also used as Accent Color),

Fibermesh (micro-synthetic fibers proven to reduce cracking to minimum),

Control joints (planned for reducing cracks, allow for movements caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage),

Chlorinated and acid washing,

Sealing the stamped concrete (sealer is used to protect finished surface from fading or staining due to natures elements),

Stamped Concrete equipment and installation.

What isn´t included in the above price?

Concrete- because we don´t know how thick the slab will be,

Steel reinforcement mesh – Will be obtained from third-party sources
And please don´t forget the old saying, You get what you pay for. There’s a reason why that phrase has been around for so long – it´s true!!!

Keep in mind that your initial outlay for a stamped concrete project is only part of your total savings. Don’t forget to consider these important factors:

Stamped Concrete has Long life and low maintenance. Concrete generally lasts longer and requires less maintenance than most other paving materials, which can add up to big savings over the pavement’s lifetime.

Increase in resale value. Decorative stamped concrete will provide you with the best value for your investment.

As you shop for stamped concrete prices you will notice that there are lots of stamped concrete installers, be careful before choosing your contractor!

Consider two very important factors – What material will be used for your project and Who will install the stamped concrete. Stamped Concrete will have all of its advantages only if laid correctly and only then will hold its looks for many years and will not get any weeds!

With over 19 years of professional experience, our team will personally work with you from start to finish providing you with the best value for your investment.

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