Stamped Concrete – Meditterranean


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Stamped Concrete

Concrete Texture – Pattern: Meditterranean

Stamped Concrete Color: Any color from our catalog or we can match any color of your choice

What it is included in the Stamped Concrete Installation?

– Preparation and Molding of the area
– Nylon under the stamped concrete (polypropylene)
– 10cm thick Concrete slabs – strength C25
– UV resistant Base Color Hardener (surface colors cement hardener)
– UV resistant Release agent (a chemical used to get a slip effect in processes involving mold release and also used as Accent Color)
– Steel reinforcement mesh 6mm
– Fibermesh (micro-synthetic fibers proven to reduce cracking to minimum)
– Control joints (planned for reducing cracks allow for movements caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage)
– Chlorinated and acid washing
– Sealing the stamped concrete (sealer is used to protect finished surface from fading or staining due to natures elements)
– Stamped Concrete equipment and installation.

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