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Prefabricated Houses Cyprus - Steel Houses Cyprus

Prefabricated Houses Cyprus

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Prefabricated Houses Cyprus – Steel Houses Cyprus – That Could Change Home Building

Build your dreams with us.

Our purpose is to go beyond the concept of profit to ensure we engineer the strongest most efficient steel building systems in the world.

The results of this approach will provide our clients with unmatched safety and security for generations.


Our collaboration process maximizes efficiencies while lowering costs.


Using cutting edge 3d engineering technology reduces costly mistakes.


Each steel component is virtually detailed ensuring proper fabrication

3D Modeling

Parametric Models and Revit/BIM platforms create a clear visual demonstration of all building components.


Components are pre-cut and welded reducing completion time.

Steel Assembly

Commercial grade steel is delivered on site which is quickly bolted together.

Panel Install

After Structural Steel is installed the pre-cut insulated wall panels are secured


After the panels are completed, contractors can work in a weatherproof/ climate controlled building.

Every step in our process is designed increase efficiencies while reducing costs.

Our structural system begins with creating a true parametric 3d model. Our engineered models include every detail, even placing the bolts in the structure.

We design all structures in advanced 3d software to help eliminate costly fabrication errors and to streamline the construction process.


Watch the Video of our latest Computerized Manufacturing Technology:

Custom Residential

Unique Approach

Rather than selling house plans we work with your architect to engineer your custom dream home.

Custom Solutions
No designs is too complex for our proven engineering steel systems.

Endless Possibilities
Steel homes overcome the normal limitations of wood construction by its superior strength.


Office Space

Thermally Efficient

Fast Completion

Build to Last

Adaptable Interiors

Minimized Risk

Higher Lease Rates


Large Clear Spans

Customized Designs

Proven Strength

We can deliver Steel buildings ranging from simple to elaborate designs.


We have over a decade of experience providing complex industrial building solutions.

Up to 200 Foot Clear spans
Custom Industrial Finishes
Complex and Multi-use Designs.


Expandable Designs. Uninterrupted Spans. Translucent Panels.


Climate Controlled. Reduced Costs. Fire Resistant.

Prefabricated Houses Cyprus| Steel Houses Cyprus

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