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Has become one of the most popular ways to create a truly unique addition to your outdoor landscape. Today, concrete can be placed in a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns by adding colors to the concrete surface and then impressing molded mats into the surface. There are several available textures/patterns to choose from. The availability of the many patterns gives you, the homeowner, the ability to replicate the patterns of real paving materials such as cobblestone, slate or brick at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the many patterns that are available, there are literally dozens of colors to choose from giving you an added advantage over using traditional paving materials. By choosing from the list of available colors you have the opportunity to create a concrete surface color that will compliment or enhance the colors already present at your residence. In designing your own stamped concrete project all you need to do is select a Base Color, an Accent Color and send your selections to the appropriate contact listed on the Contact Us page and you will be contacted by our technical department to discuss your options and the details of the work to be performed.


Timeless, elegant and stylish. There is simply nothing like it. The ultimate, affordable solution for your driveway, pool deck, garage, patio and even walls. Unique system that combines natural ocean pebbles and the “Home and Garden Services” proprietary formulas, to create a premium quality, durable, safe and attractive covering. Can be used to refurbish old, damaged concrete floors and walls or to provide new hard wearing surfaces.