Once you have made the decision to add color to your room, there are a few things to consider before you paint.

Before you commit to buying several gallons of paint, bring home a small amount of the chosen color and apply it to a limited area on the wall in the room you are going to paint. Wait for the paint to dry and then look at the color at various times of day and at night. An interior color that seems fine in bright sunshine may be too dark by lamplight. You can have the shade made lighter or darker and then try the test again until you’re satisfied with the color. If you have already chosen the furnishings for the room your will be painting, bring along fabric swatches Choosing-the-Right-Color-for-a-Roomand even pictures when choosing the paint color. Next, consider the function of the room being painted and choose an appropriate color. Even though brown is my favorite color does not mean it will work well in any room of your house. Especially if it does not coordinate with your furniture.

Look at the exposure of the room. Does the room have a sunny southern exposure? Then choose cool color tones to offset the already bright appearance of the room. Sunshine and bright yellow paint is a blinding combination. Does the room have a dark, northern exposure? Choose warmer color tones to best serve the room. This way the room does not feel cold.

Consider who spends the most time in the room. Review the adjacent room colors. There should be some relationship between them and the new paint color for the sake of flow and continuity. If you want to manipulate the size of the room with color, choose light monochromatic colors and white ceilings to increase size, dark bold tones with a darker ceiling color to shrink.

Consider the style or decor of your home. Is it modern, traditional, or eclectic? Whatever your style, pick colors appropriate to the style that inspired your home’s design details.