6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (Deluxe Alkaline)

The Deluxe Alkaline 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System offers premium filtration medias that produces Far Infrared Rays, increases ph, and will give your water a refreshing mineral flavor. The first 5 stages filter all the impurities out so you are left with pure water.

6 Stage RO 35GPD TFC Quick connect fittings, XL Alkaline Filter.6-Stage-Reverse-Osmosis-Water-Flilter

Stage 1: 5 micron sediment filter (FS105)
Stage 2 & 3: 10 micron CTO carbon filter (FCCTO10X1)
Stage 4: 35gpd TFC membrane (MTFC35)
Stage 5: FiltronX Alkaline filter XL (FXALKM-1287)
Stage 6: 10″ carbon inline (FINC1014S)

System with high-flow 3/8″

This Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Also comes with:

1 RO storage tank 3.2 gallon with capacity of 2.8 gallon – 9″ x 15″

1 Saddle Drain Valve

1 Saddle water feed valve

1 Attractive RO chrome faucet

1 tank valve

All Tubing Needed For Installation

Housing wrench

Auto shut off valve

The Specialty Series 6-stage Deluxe Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Mineral Drinking Water System delivers the quality water you deserve.

Advantages of the Specialty Series 6 Alkaline Mineral System:

  • Drinking water that is clean, fresh, clear, and delicious.
  • Exceptional Coffee, tea, juices, soups, and sauces made with RO water are full of flavor.
  • Best tasting, cleaner, clearer ice cubes
  • Use for cooking
  • Wash your food only with RO water
  • No more bottled water! The system produces better tasting and cleaner water than bottled. Save money!
  • Nourish your plants and flowers with fresh water.
  • Made of the highest quality FDA approved materials.
  • NSF Components

Alkaline Mineral Water Benefits:

  • Re-mineralization of minerals in your water
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Hydration
  • Strong anti-oxidant properties to counteract free radicals
  • Cleansing body and various organs
  • Rejuvenate skin and improve appearance
  • Flushing out of toxins and acid wastes which are caused by consuming  drinks, wrong foods, and pollution
  • Boosts pH 1.0 to 2.0
  • Gives the water a pH value of 8.00 to 9.50.

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